Let The Typing Begin

I got up early this morning, and started to type. I mean type, not write new words out of my head in a typer-ly way. I have a few NaNoWriMo pages left to type into the fabulous Scrivener program (okay, so closer to fifty) And we’re finally going to get to the root of how many of my handwritten pages equal how many words.

I have been putting this off since day one.

The answer turns out to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 220 words per page, which means that to be on the safe side, I need to be writing about eight pages a day.

And how many pages per day have I been writing? Well, I think I’m averaging in the four to five range. That doesn’t include organization for the nano story, of course, and I haven’t been counting revision work, either.

I would probably have a lot more words, if I were typing from the beginning.

I still believe that the words that I do have are much cleaner and more usable than the words that I’d be doing with start and stop typing.

The place where I’m doubting myself, though, is whether my morale might not be higher with a few more words on the page. A green bar or two from time to time wouldn’t hurt me, and the idea that I can finish my 50k by the end of the month might not be bad, either.

Yes, I know, objectively that it’s not really 50k, if I wind up throwing large chunks of it away, and I know that I’ve been chasing that cleaner manuscript ever since I started manuscript number two.

Of course, if I keep this up, the notebooks I’m using are always going to be available, and the word count should remain pretty much the same. (Unless I can weasel my way into a few more words per page.) And I definitely have that color-coded, quick glance to see how a day went thing going on.

It may just be time to suck it up, and say that since this is what works for me, Nano may have to become a primarily social activity.

What do you think?

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