Life With My Friends: A Sale, a Podcast, and a Blog Hop

So, here are a few things that are happening right now.

The BIG news is that as a response to the pandemic, Holly’s Writing Classes has discounted everything for the first time, ever, ever, ever. And by EVER, I mean that I’ve been on the site for ten or twelve years, and I have NEVER seen a sale of any kind, at all. Not once.  All classes over $20 will be reduced in price. At 50% off, that’s a hell of a bargain. How long will the new pricing last? Well, Holly says that depends on the economy. Her goal has always been to make her courses and the community attached to them available to the average writer. The new pricing is intended to keep them available through the rough times.

You may have guessed by now that I’m a huge fan of Holly’s classes. They’re very detailed, step-by-step classes, and they come with a Socially-Distanced, Germ-Proof, internet community of serious writers. The community was actually the selling point for me. It’s tough to find a writers group of people who are actually doing the work even in a big city, and nearly impossible in a small town.

And not to brag, but the moderators there are pretty amazing, too. (I should know. I’m one of them. I’m adorable.)

So, let’s throw some affiliate links out there. (You know the drill. The links don’t cost you anything extra, but if you buy something, I get paid.)

My all time favorite class is the How To Revise Your Novel class, but if you’re still looking to write your first novel, How To Think Sideways or How to Write A Novel and a whole lot of hard work and dedication will get you there. (Truth in Advertising: No Magic Wands. You’ll work your ass off.) For the really ambitious out there, there’s How To Write A Series. To be fair, I’m not sure a series is in my future, but if I ever reconsider, I’ll dig into that one.

Next up: Rebecca Galardo, the mind that brought you Alone in a Room With Invisible People has started a new podcast called… YOU Killed The Priest with Mark Hermann. It’s mostly writing prompts and games. If you were a fan of AIARWIP, you probably remember Mark as the brilliant voice actor from the Halloween specials.

And the Storytime Blog Hop gets moved to Valentine’s Day for a Valentines/Un-Valentines special. Well.

I suppose worse things have happened. (Can’t think what, at the moment.)

If you want to participate, you should review the rules at Juneta Key’s website, and sign up before the deadline. I’m still scraping something together, myself, but… I’ll probably see you there.


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    I second Karen’s review of Holly Lisle’s courses. I gained a lot of valuable tools that I still rely on in my writing and life.

    I especially recommend her How to Think Sideways course, because most of the work in writing comes from thinking things through and being clear about your own thoughts. HTTS helped (and helps) me see myself, writing, and my story a lot more clearly.

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