Longaberger Baskets And Absolutely No Other Antiques

Not so long ago, a friend of the family showed up for a few days, and started talking about Longaberger baskets.  Now, to be sure, I had gone a full long time without having the foggiest idea what a Longaberger basket was, or–actually having any interest in baskets of any kind.

These would be the Rolls Royce of baskets. If one breaks, you can send it back to the factory, and they will fix it. (My impression was for free, but you know… baskets.)

You know. The pinnacle of basket making.

Well, they are pretty nice as baskets go. I can’t say I’m crazy about Americana, but then… well, let’s be honest… Any time someone says anything about an art, a craft, or a hobby being profitable, I’m right there. I could make baskets.

Okay, well, maybe I could learn to make baskets. Do they really have underwater basket weaving classes? I could be a performance artist/basket weaver/mermaid.

Oh, yes. I know all about baskets. These ones are square.

Based on some things that were said during the Longaburger love event, I take it that all of the above were very reasonably priced.

(Longtime readers will be interested to know that this is the same antiques mall that my dear deceased friend “lives” at. And I’m not showing pictures, until all the new antiques-y baskets-y normal people love me enough that they don’t mind the occasional cadaver.)


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    Long, long ago, I took basketweaving classes (not underwater) and made several. I gave away or sold all of them when we moved from Michigan to Hawaii. I doubt if I could find the supplies anymore (I went to a basketmaking store). Maybe Amazon. Amazon sells everything.

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      I’ll tell you if I find anything. I’d like to give it a shot, depending on how much the supplies cost. I probably don’t have good odds of making anything recognizable any time soon, though.

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    I want to hear more…. I could live in antique stores – and spend all my money in there if I had half a chance. Fortunately, I like to eat – and put gas in the car – so I rein myself in.

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      Oh, I love them. They’re like these really random museums. But yeah… money’s always an issue. I actually went to check on the price of a different thing, but alas, no change.

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