Look at That: Growth

It is October first, and I just passed the total number of views that this blog had last year.

It’s all the slow-and-steady thing. (Sometimes, not so steady.) I have been much more consistent (particularly in the early months) than I was, last year, and my daily average for the year is a little higher. I’m not sure what it is about summer–maybe the joy of not being tied to school–but the last few months have been a little lower.

The next three months are all cream on top, and they were pretty good months last year.

NaNoWriMo is coming up, and that gives me a whole forum of fresh people to talk to, and there’s the Halloween blog hop. (Two-ish weeks for those of us who are thinking of participating.)

So, back to the revision. Let me know what works for you in building your readership, or just what keeps you going!


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    Consistency IS the key. No matter how many resolutions I make, if I don’t write down my goals daily, weekly, etc. and READ them, I’m apt to put off until tomorrow what I should be blogging today. Thanks for the reminders and congrats on passing last year’s total.

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