March Statistics

I wrote 31, 601 words in March. That’s including five days of random inconsistency, so I’ll have to work on that more. I’ve been working with a plot grid for the first time in my life, and I’m getting a lot out of that. I still haven’t mentioned this blog to anyone I know in real life. I can’t really decide whether that’s a rational choice based in a desire to have a separate space, or just an irrational fear.  Maybe the truth is that I trust them with my work, I just don’t trust them with my need to have a separate, sacred and artistic space. I think I’ll probably hold off on inviting them until I figure that out.


  1. Eva


    I suppose I understand this. I get tachycardia and sweaty palms when I show anybody anything I’ve written. It’s easier with fellow students; but still hard. There is this need for communication and sharing, but it’s also… well, I suppose the best word is still terrifying. Maybe it’s when you go beyond your normal fences, where hidden parts of your self are peeking through… when you really put something of you into the story, and it reveals you more than it hides you?

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