Me, Taking Revision Very Seriously

I’m listening to the sound of the thunder as the storm rolls in. It’s a severe thunderstorm this evening, and then it’s supposed to rain for five days.

I have been working on my revision. Taking all the scenes and putting them in order so that nobody dies before they’re finished doing things. Except, of course, that I write speculative fiction, so a certain percentage of my characters start out dead, and run around doing things, anyway. Why let lack of a pulse get in the way of a good time?

Time to take all the things I wrote by the seat of my pants and make sure they’re structurally stable.

Character A is dead, and about to fall in love. Character B is dead and missing. (Just the soul. Not the body. I know where that is.) Character C is kinda immortal, and never going to fall in love again. (Having fucked his way through most of the population of Earth back in the dark ages, he has now reached the awkward realization that literally everyone is his descendant. Eww.) And Character D? Well, she’s a lawyer.

Also, there’s a pet cat.

What can I say? It’s something to do while it’s raining.


  1. A.S. Akkalon


    Sounds like whirlwind of a story! I’d use this as your blurb. 😉

  2. Reply

    Love this post, Klynn – bung full of twists and conundrums! I don’t often laugh out loud in the morning. You made my day 😀

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