My Boundaries Are FOR My Goals

I’m doing better this March than I have for a while. More progress toward my goals. More keeping track of that progress when it happens. More… uhm… insisting on boundaries?

I think that’s probably a good way to put it.

I needed to have my schedule fixed, again. And it took effort to convince my boss that 1.) His business is not a charity.

and 2.) The fact that he’s desperate doesn’t mean that I’m suddenly available to save his ass.

There appeared to be some confusion on the matter.

It’s taking a lot of discipline not to just walk out and never go back, right now. It has been for a while. I’m envisioning myself selling edgy t-shirts on the internet.

Apparently, though, standing up for myself is good for me, though. I’ve been getting more of my own work done.


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    I will happily buy an edgy t-shirt from you. BTW, I think the boundaries issue applies to nearly all relationships.

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