My Clumsiness Abounds

I smashed up my phone the other day. To tell the truth, by then, I’d dropped that sucker so many times, I’d started to believe it was immortal. Not this time.

So, cursing my own clumsiness, I headed off to buy a new phone. Something that works in my town. That’s always a challenge. Out-of-town visitors generally insist that the only way to get service around here is to go out to the cemetery, stand on the most haunted grave, and hold your phone aloft in one hand while sacrificing a goat with the other.

Technically, that’s not true, but two of the major carriers don’t work at all, and the third is splotchy. #4 probably wouldn’t be my choice, if I lived anywhere else, and so I’m hesitant to spend too much money.

I bought a phone. 5,000 milliamp battery, if you’re interested. More money than I wanted to spend. (I wanted to spend zero.)

And in the same order, I bought a protective case, and some wireless earbuds. (No, that’s totally practical. They’ll keep me from having my phone out of the safety of my pocket while I’m listening to writing podcasts. I need them.)

The phone arrived four days before the case and the earbuds, and I didn’t want to take it out without a case, so I waited.

And kept using the phone with the shattered screen.

All of the very necessary parts of my order got here on Monday, and I’ve been working my way through set up ever since.

So, how was your week? Frustrations? Celebrations? Let me know.

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