My Not-Writing Project

So, I got sucked into helping family fix up a house for sale…. And I spent most of eternity **ahem** yesterday removing this old underlay from around where the fireplace used to be.

picture of underlay for tiles around ex-fireplace


Why, yes.  That is brand-new carpet I’m working under. Make a note: The Karen character should have been introduced to this particular story about a hundred and fifty pages earlier. Bitchy comment goes here.

See?  There are continuity issues in real life, too.  Not sure if that makes me feel better or worse about my manuscripts.


So, just me with a hammer and chisel pulling this stuff out.  Time consuming, but not particularly difficult.

bare floor


I’m pleased with the results, all things considered.  But the house-project is consuming so much of my time, right now!

Think there’s any chance of “Family” calling me first, next time?  I doubt it, but a girl can dream, right?

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