Nano Updates and Other News

It’s eleven days into Nanowrimo, so I don’t have much time to type. I need 500 more words to be on par, but I’m making good progress. Right now, I’m trying to figure out what the significance of this one, weirdly out of place character is. Why is there a factory owner in the middle of chapter fourteen? No, I have no idea right now.

I need more index cards than I currently have. By… a lot. And the plan of printing out each chapter as it’s written and putting it in the appropriate drawer? Well, that would probably work, if I could just stop adding things to chapters. In my defense, I do actually have drawers to put the things in, so one outta two ain’t bad. Right?

So, in lieu of any actual news regarding me, I give you my friend and fellow Storytime Blog Hop contributor, Barbara Lund, who just won the Writers of the Future Golden Pen Award. (The link is to her announcement on her own website.) Go congratulate her!


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