NaNoWriMo Day 12: Dreams and So Forth

Ever have one of those dreams where a beloved children’s book author takes pity on you and takes you out for Chinese with the rest of his family? I’m not sure exactly where we went afterward, but I’m pretty sure you get the general idea. One standard belonging and camaraderie dream coming up. Nothing says you belong quite like having to suffer through family with someone. (Or, uhm… well, it was actually a very nice imaginary family.)

So, look at me. Apparently, I do get REM sleep from time to time.

And, apparently, I have mad desire to belong issues going on. So, will everybody still love me, if I decide to write children’s books about space bunnies?

I got up early today, and worked on my revision. More revision at lunch, and additional revision, after I got home.

And yes, that makes this the first day I’ve missed writing anything for NaNoWriMo, unless I settle down and come up with some kind of plot twist in the next hour or so.

I really must run. I’d like to put in at least five or six words before I conk out for the night.

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