NaNoWriMo Day 4: Plot, and Other Missing Items

So, now that I’ve finally managed to make my characters somewhat interesting (to me, anyhow) they probably ought to be doing something. Other than ruminating on the pros and cons of killing and eating their mates.

And naturally, they have a very minimal space in which to do it. It’s a colony ship. With a 5 person crew. More or less. And no, you don’t want to ask. It’s a straightforward journey. The goal is to get from point a to point b, and start a colony, when they get there.

All I have to do is fill in the 20,000 light years between point A and point B with something other than middle-aged angst, and preferably still have some kind of a cast when I get there.

Did I mention that one of my characters tends to devour her mates?

And as far as other things not showing up?

Well, the package that was supposed to have my fine NaNoWriMo quality sample of Artemisium Absinthium arrived. And as it turns out, all of the nice, sensible things are there. I have gloves. And a couple cases of highly nutritious (read vitamin-enhanced) protein shakes to get me through Nano.

And… oh, yeah. No Artemisium.

I have complained to the powers that be, and have been given an arrival date somewhere in the realm of mid-Nano for the replacement.

No. Not a moment sooner.

As it turns out, Amazon does not particularly care if I’m eaten alive by intestinal worms.

(No, I don’t actually have intestinal worms, but I would most certainly be devoured alive by the time the wormwood shows up to vanquish them, if I did.)

From now on, I’m buying my drugs on the street corner from some guy named Roach like a normal person.

(I assume that street-style drug dealers have a solid grasp of 20th century American poetry.)

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