NanoWrimo Day Two

I’m still writing by hand, and I think I’m getting much smoother copy than I usually am at this stage of the game. At the moment, I’m just sticking in place holder counts. 100 words per day, and that means I get my consecutive days of writing badges, but I don’t actually have to type anything, yet. It would be nice to have enough pages typed at some point that I know–fairly closely–how many of my handwritten words go on a page of my notebook. A hundred words off could wind up being a nasty surprise at the end of the month.

Right now, I’m writing the thing in 1st person. I don’t know why. It’s been years since I wrote anything in first person, and furthermore, I don’t know much about that narrator. She’s an engineer. Smart. Female…. And… Uhm… well, at the moment, that’s about it.

This one is much more clearly science fiction than the last one. The story would not exist without the science, or if it did, it would turn out to be a completely different version of the story.

So, to recap. I don’t know anything about the narrator. I don’t know much about the other characters, including by the way, which one of them is the “main” character, if it turns out to be someone other than my narrator. And I don’t really have that much of a plot.

Also, they’re all drifting in space.

So, yup.

It’s definitely NaNoWriMo.

Some years, the thing just clicks, and I wind up with 50,000 words and a solid start.

And some years, I have to keep digging to figure out there’s really not a pony in all this manure.

I haven’t worked on this one long enough to know which one it’s going to be.


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      I’m sorely tempted. But I have trouble hitting a ball-park marketable word count, anyway, so… **sigh(** I had better come up with a real answer. Unless I want my finished manuscript to be seven and a half pages plus a picture of a cow.

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