Nanowrimo Midpoint and Counting

Welcome to the halfway point of Nanowrimo 2020.

Since I’m pre-scheduling posts to give myself more time to work on my Nano-project, let’s just assume that I’m halfway to my goal, and happily sitting on 25,000 words of short stories.

I’m enjoying picturing that, but the truth is that knowing I already said I was there–and not wanting to come back and change this post–will keep me going. No, really. I do not have time to fail.

I like the momentum that goes with Nano. Just keep going. That works for me.

I have other things to do, most of the year. I have revisions that need to get done, and uhm… real life things… but 1667 words a day for a month is a very good start. If you’re doing Nano, and if you keep going at the same pace for an entire year, you’d wind up with 608,000 raw words. That’s six complete novels. (Once you make sure the main character’s eyes are always brown, and that her romantic interest doesn’t propose to her seventy-five pages after he died of oozing gut wounds.)

I’m very much a pantser, which means that I’m always dreaming of a cleaner draft and a faster revision.

(You know. Exactly like all those plotters out there.)

I don’t work from an outline. I work to an outline. I’m hoping that practice will make those drafts cleaner, but not less spontaneous.

Give me your tips and hints. Pretend like I’m really here.


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