NaNoWriMo: Side Effects and Warnings

One of my favorite things about NaNoWriMo is the fact that the word counter doesn’t just tell you how many words you have, it tells you how many words per day you need to finish on time, and just exactly how long it will take you to finish your 50,000 words, if you keep going at your current rate. I’ve been writing long hand, and updating at a rate of 100 words per day (Just to keep track of the fact that I have been writing every day) which means that at a hundred words per day, I should be finishing my 50k novel by March. Of 2019.

Now, that sounds a whole lot different than I should finish by the end of November, or even I should finish by early next year.

But it’s still an estimated finish date, and you know what? Most people never finish their novels.

I might be a whole lot less smug, if I were doing nano with seven screaming children and eking out every last second of my day, but really… 2019 isn’t all that bad.

The other thing that NaNo is doing for me, is forcing my mind to take a break, and with that comes a new perspective on my revision. The scene I’m revising now has two characters that I’m removing.

Right now, I feel like I’m making progress on the revision. I also have characters arguing–just a little–over the fact that she’s a cannibal in my fabulous sci-fi novel.

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