Next Year Will Be Better

I’m thinking of getting myself a “next year will be better” gift. Something splashy that I wouldn’t ordinarily buy. I’m not all that good at splurging, so it took a little effort to convince myself that new shoes and underwear aren’t it.

I’m not looking for some static, shiny object to set on the table. I’m looking for an honest-to-mackerel things will get better, kick-start the progress, something I’ve never done before thing.

The really big things I’vedone for my writing career, so far, are Holly Lisle’s classes, How to Revise Your Novel, and How to Think Sideways. (Yes, and in that order. Long story.) They come with a built-in writing community, so well worth taking the leap, particularly if you happen to be like me. (Marooned hours from the nearest writing group IRL.)

There are plenty of writing books on my shelves, and while some of them are worth the money… I think I have enough, now.

So, I’m thinking in terms of an online-seminar, or… if I can find one that I want to go to close enough to home… a real-life writers’ conference/convention. (Very possible that I’m on the convention end of things.)

The further I get from home–and from places I can couch surf–the more expensive going to conferences gets. So, I’m looking, but I fully expect to wind up doing something on the internet. Which honestly, isn’t that much of a loss.

I like the internet. I love the idea of a place where ideas can exist independently of bodies, if that makes sense.

I’m finishing up a revision, and getting ready to get out there and start querying again. (Probably a ways off, but that’s more or less where I am.) So, I’m looking for something that fits in with that part of the cycle.

Not that I’m going to make up my mind until after the new year. I don’t want any 2016 touching my Thing.

Any suggestions?


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    Sorry for 2016. It’s affected a lot of writers.
    I recommend the Sterling & Stone podcasts.
    Sean, Johnny and Dave cover a wide range of writing subjects and might have the key you’re looking for. Plus, they’re funny as hell. Then, whip over to The Smarter Artist Facebook group and join. Very supportive bunch and way smarter (pun intended) than me when it comes to answers.
    I hope 2017 is more prosperous for you!

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    Take a look at The Write Practice Becoming Writer community. The articles (free) are incredibly helpful. The community itself (paid) is even more helpful. You post one piece a week and receive feedback from the other authors. It’s always helpful and I know since I’ve joined I’ve learned a lot and have improved as a writer. As a member, you can also enter contests for free and lots of other perks too.

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      I’ll take a look around as soon as I get a chance. There’s so much there, it could take a while to see it all.

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