Of Lawnmowers and Hammocks

For some reason, I overslept today. Nothing quite like running out at the last minute to take your hammock down before the lawn mower gets to it. I’m actually not 100% sure what the kid would do, if he did get to it. I’m evenly divided between run it over–no, I don’t know how–leave a giant circle around the hammock where the grass just grows taller and taller, and get tangled Looney-Tunes style in the setup. Either way, when I heard the mower start up, I knew it was time to run.

It only takes a couple of minutes to get the whole thing taken down, but still.

My poor, naked toes did not get murdered. I am not untangling anyone from the hammock. There is not a wild prairie under my gas station sign. I do not have to call anyone’s mother and explain how they got a new haircut when their lawnmower got away from them.

That’s my accomplishment for the day.

Not a bad day, all said and done.

Oh, okay. Fine. I’ll go back to work. Maybe I can still get some real work done today. Wasn’t this supposed to be my day off?

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