Off to an October Start

I’m starting October, if not with a bang, at least with a blank slate. I made my bullet journal layouts for the month, and got a couple hundred words in, at least. I’m hauling around a tiny little notebook–about a hundred words to the page–and working out of it, right now. So much for all the effort I put into assembling a composite notebook. (I think the problem is… it doesn’t fit in my purse.)

There aren’t all that many changes in the bullet journal from last month to this month. Maybe there aren’t any.  I added a word count goal to the tracker, but the numbers aren’t as reasonable as I would like them to be. (They’re a sort of Nanowrimo inspired insanity.)  Last month, I didn’t come close. I’m setting a lower goal for this month, but not updating my wordcount sheet. Because, lazy. I’m not filling in my five things daily spread, the way I usually have been. More of a fill it in as I go thing. There’s nothing worth sharing a picture of this time around.

I also managed–believe it or not–to get in about three and a half miles today. (Maybe October did start with a bang.) It was a good walk; I saw a crane, and the weather is finally getting down to what I’d consider walking weather. A little cold, but somehow, warms up once you start moving.

I might be finding the ending to my short story of the week. Or… well, it’s getting to be a longer short story.

So, plans, anyone? What are we doing this month?

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