Off to Splash Water on My Face

It is two-thirty in the morning, and the wonderful Fitbit informs me that I slept for three hours and six minutes. That’s more or less average. I have the thing set to “sensitive” because it was telling me that I’d slept soundly all night long on the “normal” setting… you know… even when I know perfectly well that I was awake and reading a book.

So, now, it tells me how many minutes I was “restless”—there are a lot–and still misses chunks of time where I was awake. (I’m debating a different brand of fitness tracker, once this one dies.)

My schedule varies these days, and today, I am on the short end of morning. Just enough time to convince myself I’m awake and grab a bottle of breakfast before heading off to work.

I have a stack of papers waiting to be typed into my Manuscript, and more that’s supposed to be being written, but… wow, morning comes early some days.

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