Oh, Wait. Today is Sunday.

I just finished my H entry for the a-to-z challenge. It didn’t occur to me that today is Sunday, until I went to look for my H badge, and it wasn’t there.

I’m working my way through the remaining scenes in my novel–in an orderly and premeditated way–and due to the fact that I write them longhand, first, I’m currently drowning in a sea of tiny yellow legal pad pages. At some point, I will have to type.

I found a Twitter tag (I’m sure most people knew before I did.) dedicated to the women who typed up famous male authors’ books, and made other contributions (up to and including writing the damn thing for him.) So, I’ll pass that on before I get out of here for the day: Thanks for Typing


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      I’m actually putting all my blog badges on a separate page, so I can keep them, but not clutter up my aesthetic. It’s the Writer Scout Sash link on the left, if you’re interested.

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