One of Those Weeks

I had a co-worker… I’m never sure if this guy means to be supportive, or not… ask about “my book” again, yesterday. And then… He compared my book to the **ahem** movie that some local kid wound up getting made, and gave me the assurance that I could be the next one to hit it big.

I am not surrounded by creative types in real life. I doubt that many of us are. Here and there, I have someone who **gets** it, but for the most part… well, mostly not. And I’m never sure what to say to the “not”.

Pretty sure “Just subscribe to my newsletter and leave me alone” isn’t the right tone.

So, in retrospect, I think the correct answer to “How’s that book?” is probably “Which one?”

(And a more tactful question on his part would be “What are you working on, now?” Not, of course, that I have the time or inclination to train him. I have books to write.)

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