I sent out my first short story of the year this morning… which is writer-talk for I got my first rejection of the year this morning. Finished another short story, and sent that out, too for good measure. I’m aiming to really, truly, actually write and submit fifty-two short stories this year. That means about four of them every month. I’m also working on full-scale, finished novel at the end type revisions.

The new year is always a good time to get things moving again.

And yes, I need to get things moving.

I’m ready to get things moving.

So, here I am, crawling back into my revisions… crawling back into blogging… crawling back into all the things.

I’m exhausted. Really. I am.

Whatever else you can say about last year… pandemics just aren’t for me. Take it away, please.


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      To be honest, this particular short story is a long-shot submission. I kinda like it… but I don’t really expect it to sell. Happy New Year!

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