Open Foot, Insert Mouth

Today is the latest in a long string of bad days. I don’t get much sleep, and I don’t have a lot of patience left, right now. I’m trying to get back to my online writing community, and honestly… I’m probably too close to my last nerve to do it well.

So, it’s one of those days, where whatever I say seems to be wrong, and whatever people say back to me seems to be harsher than it was ever meant to be. And I feel like an idiot.

I want to be encouraging. I want to say, yes! go ahead… take the plunge. You can do it!

But I wind up saying Go jump off a bridge.

I want to be supportive, but I wind up supporting the wrong thing, or at least appearing to.

I want to be part of my community, but I’m not feeling all that useful, right now. A little outsider-y. A little closed out and boxed in. I’m out of sync with myself, right now, and so I’m not really doing the intuitive thing well.

So, anyway… here I am, putting one foot in front of the other. And honest, I’m trying to be a good cheerleader.


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