Out of My Depth

I wrote a short story. It’s nothing significant. A couple hours of work, and a little over 500 words. I’m spending a lot of time thinking about what to do with the damn thing.

It’s more political than what I usually write, and if you’ve read this blog for long, you know that means I’m seriously considering shoving it in the back of a drawer and then setting the drawer on fire. Do I want to be a political writer? Am I a political writer?

Not enough to know where to send something like this.

It also happens to be the kind of story with an expiration date, so I’d have to know where to send it that would be able to get it out fast. Another six months or a year, and it might not be relevant, anymore. Not in the sense of being able to change the world, anyway.

And it’s not going to change the world from a quiet author blog, either.

Do you have a go-to short-notice publisher or publication? Ideas of where to send it? Advice on publishing outside of your comfort zone? Any thoughts on how to make a steel desk burn? (Something dramatic would be nice.)



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    Unfortunately I don’t target that market, so I’ve got nothing. But if you have a favorite politics blog or website you could always check to see if they’re accepting submissions?

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