Out Traipsing

I went out for a hike at the Spring Creek Audubon Tall Grass Prairie today. Or, more to the point, I went out this morning, before the day really started to heat up. It was about 87 degrees when I finally came back around ten a.m. And it’s floating in the high nineties, right now. Tuesdays would be the free day at Spring Creek, so let’s share these pictures around to make sure they get their money’s worth for letting me in.

Snazzy mosaic of a dragon fly in the Audubon center.



Somebody’s footprint. It feels racoon-y to me, but I’m no expert.


Oh, yes, they did! They built this education center out of hay. There is a slight hay-y odor to the building.


Stuffed Badger. Pretty sure he was teaching High School English the last time I saw him. Note the optimistic, but worn expression on his face.


Flowers out on the trail.

Aaaand… more taxidermy. The backpacks in the back are “child-friendly” educational hiking packs provided to the kids by the center.

We are now in the exact, geographical center of nowhere.

Oooh, I know this one! It’s a deer.

And, the noble turkey. Ben Franklin was soooo right that this would make a better national bird. So industrious.


Let’s just say these suckers stand about eight feet tall.


Unfortunately, harmless.

So, this is all located somewhere between Denton (a town known for its monastery (they teach Catholic priests the Latin Mass) and its steakhouse) and Crete (A town known for its phenomenal Mexican restaurants.) It is free on Tuesdays, and you’ll want to bring bug spray (ticks, especially) and sunscreen.

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