A Partial List of Things I Have Read About In Books, but Not Tried In Real Life

In a shameless attempt to pass this off as a real blog post so I can get more time to write, and also an illustration of how information does not necessarily lead to people trying things in real life, I present this list of things that I’ve read about in books without ever actually doing them in real life.

  • Cleaning Up an Oil Spill
  • Salvaging a Shipwreck
  • Underwater Archaeology
  • Raising Children
  • Building a Chicken Coop
  • Building a Little Free Library
  • Building an Atomic Bomb
  • Shipping Container Farming
  • Bull Fighting
  • Bar Fighting
  • Dog Fights (Airplanes, not dogs. Except Snoopy, who really knows his way around a Sopwith Camel.)
  • Arc Line Navigation (Although technically, I may have been peer pressured into going along for the ride, when everybody else on the airplane did.)
  • Land Speed Trials at Bonneville
  • Discovering Penicillin
  • Being a Rodeo Clown
  • Being President of the United States
  • Being a Soviet Cosmonaut
  • Being a Spy (Nationality non-committal)
  • Being an Assassin
  • Being a Mafia Hitman
  • Being a Radio Operator
    • In respectable service to humanity
    • Bored and next to the McDonalds Drive-Thru window
  • Being a mortician.
  • Being a midwife


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      Or… you may have discovered the wave of the future. Children coop… sounds like a cozy little school, somehow.

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