Pen Names for Diplomacy

I’m thinking about pen names (again.) It’s the kind of thing that comes up every so often.

Right now, I’m squinting at a short story, and realizing that not only it not in my wheelhouse… I know just whose wheelhouse it should be in. And… I’m fairly sure their idea of a good time does not involve reading, thinking about, or being aware of science fiction.

**smug chuckle.**

All the same, a little distance would probably be good.

Well… you wouldn’t tell your brother, the rocket scientist, about how lunar aliens faked the moon landing to convince humanity to move on, would you?

Ahh, the Venn diagram of things I don’t wanna hear about and things the Serious Academic doesn’t wanna hear about finally has some overlap! My short story.

It would be like going to a Star Trek convention dressed as Darth Vader. You’re gonna hear about it, and your sister is gonna be embarrassed.

Maybe we can just agree that if anyone asks, we’ve never heard of each other.

I’m fiddling with the idea of disposable (or maybe single-topic) pen names. I’m thinking of slapping one on this thing before I send it out. But on this one… I am definitely the person who ought to step aside.

I suppose I could trunk the story for a few years, too.

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