Pet Ownership in the Time of Coronavirus

I’ve decided I’m not really the post-apocalyptic wasteland kind of girl. I do okay with the solitude and the book-reading, and I’m mostly okay with the zombies and the roving bands of cannibals….

But this stock up and plan in advance thing?

That’s not really working out.

I ordered a 40 pound bag of cat litter.

And I was promised a 40 pound bag of cat litter.

Do I have a 40 pound bag of cat litter?

Why, no. After about a week of telling me that my package has been “delayed” the multi-national conglomerate from which it was ordered finally admitted that bag of cat litter is not coming. It got returned to sender without so much as a layover on my porch.

I can order another one, if I want.

If I want?!! The cat has been reduced to using the last-ditch, back-up cat litter I keep just in case. He does not… prefer Feline Pine.

I’ve had papers from his lawyer.

They also mentioned the home haircut.

On the bright side, the cat litter should be here tomorrow.

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