Please Do Not Axe-Murder Me.

It’s approaching the end of February, and as usual, I’m realizing I haven’t posted anything on the blog for a while. I also haven’t un-posted much of anything.

Well, I certainly haven’t organized or streamlined anything. I’m still dragging along a database of far, far too many posts, and I know it. I haven’t even cut down on pictures, which seems like a rational baby-step.

I did pull down a short story. Was that in February? The story was pulling in views like crazy. (I choose to believe none of them were bots.) But no one was leaving any comments. Not even a hi, how are you, I was here. After a while, I was a little creeped out by it. (But then again, most of the people who stop by here are actually people I know.) I suppose I should think about putting it back, sometime.

But only if the random internet strangers promise not to axe-murder me.

And maybe leave the occasional comment saying “I am not a serial killer.”

By tomorrow, I’m supposed to be neck-deep in record-breaking blizzard. I want to spend the day revising my novel, and writing my other novel(s) and staring at my website with good and orderly intentions. I have my fingers crossed for a snow day.


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