Please Pass the Snow… Contemplating Advent in August

I’m fiddling around with a story for the Advent Calendar that Katharina Gerlach puts out every year. You’ll remember Katharina from the Storytime Blog Hop. We’ll see if I have a story by the deadline, and if it makes the cut.

The link to sign up for Advent Calendar updates to your mailbox is here.

The general idea is that subscribers receive one story every day on the lead up to Christmas. This year’s theme is Adventure. (It is also possible to stop by the link above to read stories.)

So, this is the time of year to send out winter stories. **glances at the thermometer.** Well, I suppose 84 degrees is cooler than last week. The deadline isn’t until the beginning of October. Yup. Before Halloween.

It’s the kind of thing that catches me off guard every single time.

It shouldn’t. But… it does.

What I need is a file of seasonal stories by month and year. Once upon a time, I had to send out birthday cards to all of my boss’ clients that way. It’s not difficult. Not even a spread in a bullet journal. It just takes planning.

In a year, if I write the stories as the holidays come up, and file them away, I will have a collection of appropriate stories ready to go…

And then, the mutants ate them all. Happy May Day, folks.


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    Wow, is it that time of year already? O_O The file sounds like a great idea. The advent calendar through email sounds fun, too. May sign up. It’s been a long time since I did anything with advent and I miss it. Thanks and good luck!

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