Pushing Onward

I’m getting close to the end of my revision. Countdown the pages close. I can taste it close.

And along with that comes the temptation to stay up all night, work until dawn, and get the damn thing finished.

I want to be done. I want to get on with filling in the blanks, and spell-checking, and formatting. I want to print it out one more time, just to hold it in my grubby, ink-stained little hands.

There is also a (much more rational) part of me that says You have been up since two o’clock. You have already put in a respectable number of hours. You are not in any condition to chase down dangling modifiers.

There’s just a point when it’s too much, too long, too late. No point in revising something tonight, if you’re just going to have to revise your revisions, tomorrow.

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