Rain Storms and Revisions

The storm last night woke me up by throwing ping-pong ball sized hail at the window above my head. This morning, when I looked for damage, I didn’t really find any. Leaves. Lots and lots of leaves on the ground. But besides that?

I was lucky.

I’m still working on catching up from the sleep that was stolen from me, but aside from that, it appears that everything is in one piece.

I printed out a couple of short stories to work on finishing/revising, and even got a little bit of work done on them.

Flying space eunuchs from Mars are still on the operating table. I think I dropped a stitch, and now I have to figure out where to pick it up again. I’ll let you know.

Right now? I’m evenly divided between thinking that if life hadn’t got in the way, I would have powered through it, by now… and thinking that the break was caused by something that didn’t quite fit in my revision.

It’s a chicken and egg problem. Did I lose focus because I lost momentum… or did I lose momentum because I lost focus?

Or, maybe there’s just a mid-revision slog that I keep falling into. I’m working on getting to the point that my revisions are smooth and beautiful, with just a little bit of translucent sparkle, but I’m not really there, yet.

Let me know what you do with your revisions, and how you kick it out of first gear. Until then, I’m going to assume that the answer is Red Bull and chocolate-dipped peanut butter cookies.


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    I love revising, but when I get to the third round or so, it becomes deadly and so fixed in my mind it’s hard to see what needs improvement. But I have a wonderful critique partner who can give the work another look and make suggestions. I also belong to a Virtual writers’ group. The host gives an optional prompt that occasionally gives me an Aha moment. It’s very casual. There’s no participation requirement.

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