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I ordered the first book off my belated education list today. I decided to start with Connie Willis, at the suggestion of one of my blog’s long-time followers, and because I like time travel. It should be here at the end of this week or the beginning of next. I decided to go with a hard copy this time. It’s possible the e-reader thing is wearing off. **reaches for e-reader** Maybe not.

I may go back to reading that 1/2 I have left over from earlier. I can’t remember why I quit reading, and I remember being fairly in awe of the book for at least part of the thing. It could be a work-sleep related abandonment, so we’ll give that another chance. I think I’ll have to start over from the beginning, though.

Then, the new question I’ve come up with is this…

If you pull an idea for a short story out of a short conversation (one with a non-writer, at that!) and you’re interested in that person’s opinion of the story, how do you bring it up? It’s not someone I know well… or honestly, at all. Or do you? I doubt being turned into science fiction is a high priority for the other person.


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    I don’t know the answer to that. I’d be flattered but I guess you should be prepared for anything.

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    But being turned into science fiction takes no effort on their part, so unless it’s personal or potentially embarrassing to them…

    “Hey, remember that conversation we had about teleporting chipmunks? I’m thinking of turning it into a short story. [pitch sentence or two go here] What do you think?”

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