Resolve THIS… In 120,000 Words or Less

I’m glaring down both barrels of an idea that’s only partially developed, and thinking that it might not make a bad series. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of writing a series, but at the same time, spending that much time and energy on a character and a world terrifies me.

I’m not sure how well the story works as a standalone.

And that’s while I’m still in the middle of the “write romantic scenes until you get a grip on the characters’ relationship” phase.

Just to be clear, one of my main characters doesn’t actually have a body, so you can guess where that’s not going.

(Of course, that still might be better than the one where the love interest was a cannibalistic insect.)

And, exactly where the hell is my plot?

So far, I have two characters, an armoire of doom, and I’m pretty sure one of the characters wants something from the other character, although I have no idea what he wants.

And that’s about it.

Something is bound to happen any second, though.

I can feel it.

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