Rethinking the Bullet Journal

I’ve been thinking about getting a traveler’s notebook for my next bullet journal.

Now, to be fair… Every drop of organizational skill I’ve got, I either bought or stole from someone else. And… well, it wouldn’t be grand larceny, either.

Right now, what I have is a couple of Leuctturm1917 notebooks. One of them has dot-grid paper for my bullet journal, and one of them is regular old lined paper for my writing. They’re color coded by year, and I had a very aesthetically pleasing vision of myself with a colorblock bookshelf full of them.

Well, it works. More or less. But I’d like to have the bullet journal and the writing notebook in the same place. What usually winds up happening is, I take the writing notebook with me. The bullet journal waits patiently at home for us to get back and tell it about our adventures through the day. And that… might not happen quite as often as I would like.

I also wind up with a whole lot of kitchen-sink style notebooks. Everything is in them.

And to be honest… the colorblock bookshelf? Well, that would probably take a lifetime, especially since I spend so much of my time writing with the tiny computer.

I’m getting to the end of my writing notebook, and I… mumble mumble… uhm… don’t want another one? Want to try something else? something like that. I’m thinking about what to do when I hit that last page.

A traveler’s notebook is mad up of a bunch of different inserts, so I could have more than one kind of paper… and I could even have a different insert for each project I’m working on. I’m just guessing, but I think the smaller inserts might give me more of a feeling of progress, which might even result in more progress.

I’ve been looking at notebooks on Etsy… and I’m starting to get a grasp on what else I would like to have in a notebook. I’m vaguely considering making my own. I’m picky. I’m sick of shopping. And I think it might even be within my skill level. It’s been a while since I did straight up craftwork. And… I have some ideas.

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