Return of the Tiny Computer

It’s been a while. I happen to have some downtime at work, so I dusted off the tiny computer and got new batteries.

Wow, that keyboard used to look good! The hinges–both of them–are broken, now, and there’s a piece of tape holding the two sides together.

One side broke when it fell on ice. The other side? Well, I think it died of heartbreak from losing its partner. The cover for the battery compartment lost its latch.

It still works. I can type on it. It connects to my phone. Good enough. For now.

This gives me basically all of the computing power a writer needs. It’s small and compact, and it fits in my purse. It also fits in my locker at work, which my laptop would not.

Being hinged in the middle does mean that it functions best on a desk. Something that will keep it from bending backward.

So, I’m hunting for a replacement that’s just one piece, that fits in my purse… that runs on a rechargeable battery. Something that weighs as little as possible.


  1. Damyanti Biswas


    That is an innovative solution! I do miss those slide phones with full qwerty keypads. It was much easier to type and text on them.

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