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One of the thoughts that flutters through my head from time to time is re-posting, or cross-posting content from the blog to other platforms. I’m always running into plugins that promise to do that for me. I use one, actually, to tweet each post, and maybe add it to Google Plus. (Because the integration was pretty easy.)

Now, the theme here–correct me if I’m wrong–is more or less whatever pops into my mind, sometimes with a writing bent. And let’s be honest… I post a lot. It’s a good warm up for the day, and why the hell wouldn’t someone care about what I ate for lunch yesterday? (It was a tomato caprese sandwich.)

The way a lot of these autoposters works is that you tell it which tags you would like posted to which networks. So, potentially, I could post one set of things to Medium, and a different set to Tumbler, and so on. Even if I keep posting exactly the way I have been here, the others would wind up taking on their own flavor, by virtue of all the sandwiches that are cut out, and the fact that the tags could be tailored to have–for instance–a fiction-only slant, or a “here are my views on education” slant.

I could use tags to turn Tumbler into a reader-oriented platform, and Medium into something more political-y activist-y. (Or, you know, off the wall views to piss everybody off-y)

So, the questions that I have, right now… are

  1. What flavor or slant do you think that various platforms have? What tags should I assign to which platform?
  2. Which platforms are the best for selling things on? Down the road, I’d probably like people to buy things, and it won’t help much, if my “reader” platform doesn’t allow sales. (I’m not just talking about books, of course. I could sell custom nose rings or something.)
  3. How do I (eventually) start to move people off of platforms that don’t belong to me and onto Reprobate Typewriter? Does this even matter?


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    I should have known there are plugins that do this! Medium’s having a big cultural moment right now but who knows if it’ll last; I don’t know if they let you sell stuff but you CAN set up a subscription service there. Don’t know much about the other options.

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      I think Medium’s at that crisis point, where they have to make it work, and I’m rooting for them, but I’m not sure I know exactly what the outcome is going to be. I’ve been there on and off, and traction is an issue. (like, I’m getting more here, with no built-in audience.) If I can figure out an autoposter and make it work, I’ll give medium another shot, but I have fairly.. realistic?… expectations.

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    I’m wondering if all the plugins are worth it. The LinkedIn one, posts to my feed but not as an article. Which would help build my following. I think I’d have to do that manually.
    And I don’t like the WordPress plugin on tumbler. I think it would look more organic if I edited it myself.
    These are just some of my ideas bouncing around my head.
    Although I love twitter, fb and the Pinterest plugins.

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