Revise or Rewrite?

Lately, the question with basically everything I’m working on for my revision seems to be do I revise what I already have, or do I rewrite it from scratch. I think I’m doing pretty well with rewriting. It seems like the answers are just coming to me, right now. Or, maybe it’s the step back I’ve taken to focus on Nano for a while. I’m not sure what the revision will look like after I finish the current rewrite. I have a happy feeling it may actually wind up being shorter than I thought it would be.

I had an enormous plate of nachos today. They were all covered in carne assada and by the way, the chips were fried fresh in the store. And just in case you were wondering… it was a half order. It was still bigger than my head, and it made me happy. Pretty sure there was enough food there for me and two of my closest friends.

So, anyway… the revision is progressing.

The nano project? Well, this is the second day I haven’t added all that many words to it. (Zero would be not many, right?)

I’m not sure whether there’s something wrong between me and the nanoproject, or something wrong with the project as a whole, or if I’m just more interested in the revision at this point.

But the core set of characters are people who have been sloshing through my brain for a while, now. And maybe I should still be able to turn them into something beyond the… uhm… fifty pages or so that I have.

And no, I’m still not sure what they’re supposed to run into out in the middle of space like that.

I probably should throw in a bunch of kids so they can whine about are we there yet? (No, not for another three generations, but you’ll really love the place, when you’re eighty.) And then, the parents can throw them out an airlock when they get really annoying. (Oh, look! conflict!)

Right now, I have one child. Well, uhm… slightly less than that. I have… **gets out calculator** about 17% of a child.

Oh, shut up.

You already knew I write science fiction.

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