Revising While Reading

I just printed out the next chapter for my revision.

It is forty pages long, and in at least three different viewpoints. And the actual purpose of the scene didn’t come to me until well and truly after it was written. (They? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just one scene when I started.)

I’m going to read through it–pen in hand–and decide whether it’s worth revising  any of it, or if I should just sit down and re-write it.

Did I mention I’m reading American Gods while I do this? Because, well, when you’re playing search-and-destroy with your own shortcomings, stupidities, and holy-shit-where’s-the-rest-of-this-es, you should definitely be doing so in the shadow of giants.

Well, you can’t help but compare.

My book is down in every category, including penis descriptions. ONE to kinda lost track along the way.

What I should be doing is something like this: The day he was scheduled for execution was gray and overcast, and also his penis was in an indecisive state of half-rigidity. OR The birds were singing before he woke on Tuesday, and not being content with an exuberant erection, his penis had also decided to wear a festive hat.

Yes, I’ve really lost track. And yes, I really am comparing.

This may actually be why I stopped reading American Gods the last time: Tendency to compare my pile of gray Legos to someone else’s fully constructed death star.

I’ll be finished reading in a couple of days, and then I can go back to objectively nitpicking.


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    Listen, I’m not sure if my new WIP is MG or YA, so I sympathize. I can safely say there will be no penis descriptions, regardless of state, however.

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      I’m not really sure if I’m Fantasy or Science Fiction, right now. I’ve been accused of both. But it’s definitely intended for grown-ups. I’m capping it at ONE. (funny, not sexy)

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    You’re comparing your work to someone who has decades of writing experience under his belt PLUS his story has been polished to perfection. STOP DOING THIS. Your work is what it is for the stage it is. Don’t compare your writing to anyone’s.
    Now, start by getting rid of superfluous penises and make your story the best it can be.

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      I am definitely marveling. I’m also looking for the next marvel in line, so I don’t wind up on a permanent fangirl kick. We’ll hope it’s something that’s already on my list. **eyes list with tentative optimism**

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