Revision Progress

I’ve been chugging along at my revision, and I’m making progress. There are probably more scenes than I counted in my most recent to-do list, but at least it’s a manageable number, and I know what I’m aiming for.

Eventually, I get to move on to the “polish” end of revision, which means–in my case–going back and figuring out what all the actual words I’ve been putting off choosing should be. You know… so just exactly what is the name for the leg that a sentient insect uses to write with, as opposed to his non-writey appendages?

I am also looking at next steps.

I have delusions of grandiose in which I come up with a more professional website design, and maybe **gulp** even thin down the number of posts in the blog. (Well, or at least make them reasonably searchable, and decently organized. Was I supposed to have tags on all these things?)

And spell-check.

I can’t spell, and I’m fairly sure my keyboard is going out. I can’t quite catch the thing doing it, but I wind up with missing letters, if I’m not paying attention. So, I’m going to have to spend a while working on spelling and… well, writing in the letters that got missed.

Then again, in my more paranoid moments, I wonder if there’s some kind of syndrome that would cause weakness in my fingers and lack of coordination, and a general inability to type in coherent sentences. Because I probably have that. And ideopathic thrombocytopoenia. And Schistosomiasis.

I’m down to two squares left on the board.

And I’ve been working on both of them on and off for a while, now.

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