Revision Woes

I found a missing chunk in the novel I’m revising. It’s an entire day. Like, as in, my characters wake up, and then in the next scene, they wake up again. (The waking up part is fine. Sleep is a portal to hell. The characters still don’t know that it is hell. You know how it is.)

And so, I’m back to figuring out what happens in that missing day.

I’m more or less working from a list of where everybody is–where they have to be–and then trying to figure out what wildly significant things they could be doing.

It’s slower than I would like it to be, and my caffeine and gummy bear budget is going through the roof.

I have things I want to do with that space.

I’m rearranging a lot, and hopefully… I’ll catch up with the rest of the story soon. One nice, smooth revision.

Or maybe I’ll add fire ants. Fire ants solve everything.


  1. Lita


    Fire ants are always on standby – just waiting to help out, Klynn! 😀

    • Reply

      Tsunami! There’s something really relaxing about the thought of all those pages being washed out to sea.

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