Running My Mouth

I’m enjoying the last ripples of one of those freak social media surges, and–as usual–debating how on earth you can harness something like that. One week into October, my Twitter impressions are up. More than 500% up (yes, that’s a cool way of saying 507%) over September.

This is as a result of me hopping into a conversation between two people I don’t know, and running my mouth about something completely un-writerly, and unrelated to anything I do.

Last time, it was armpit hair. This time, it’s photoshoots involving children in the U.S., and child marriage in other parts of the world.

And it’s always something un-writerly.

Here’s the formula: Pop into conversation, and just talk. Sometimes, it turns out that the person you’re talking to is a minor celebrity, and **poof**.

Formula for avoiding any kind of writerly surge: Glance at conversation. Recognize brilliant author. Turn into quivering bowl of jello.

The bar to send me all fan-girl is lower in a sport I actually follow and recognize names from. And I’m positive that none of those people are even slightly concerned about my opinion, or the state of my armpit hair.

I’m not even sure I see them for the most part. I’m probably more likely to follow a band I perceive as an up-and comer than an author who’s–OMG–UP–and COMING.

I may have self-esteem issues, there.

Or delusions of grandiose.

Or it could be a matter of the writers are all under my writer rock with me, whereas I’d have to stick my head out from time to time to actually know I’m talking to a rock star, sports star, or popular stand-up comedian.

What about you? Who makes you speechless with awe?

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