Serendipity Time

There are moments when writers just don’t think the same way as other people.

I wound up–through an unexpected scheduling quirk–at work two hours early today. (We could discuss that. I’m really not sure if the mistake is mine or someone else’s. My schedule has been regular enough lately that I’ve gotten into the habit of just glancing at the days. Oops.)

So, here I am, two hours early, and taking full advantage of the situation. Empty break room? check. Free wifi? check. Purse-sized fiction writing solution? Oh, yeah. So I’m catching up on my blog, and hopefully, catching up on that plotless project of mine.

The thought of doing this every day flutters through my mind.

Of course, if I start doing that, people will start to expect me, and I won’t have uninterrupted writing time.

It’s always strange, that when my hours are being cut, I’m a little relieved. More time for me. More time for my own work.

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