Side Trips and History Spelunking

I’m headed toward the hstorical society a few countes over, hoping to find some information about the Naval Ammunition Depot, and the accidental explosions that took place there. There were four of them during the course of World War II, and there are some parts of the area which are still restricted to civilians. It also happens to be near the Disease Animal Research Center (and, job notice: They’re looking for a new head bull semen collector. I hope the “head” part has to do with rank.)

The thought occurred to me that if I mentioned my schedule in advance, people would be able to think about whether there’s anything at the location I’m going to that would be of interest to them, and I might wind up with some interesting quests.

I don’t know how much of what I do is actually interesting to the general public, but more of a hey, as long as I’m going to be there, anyway, why not pick up pictures of Aunt Agatha’s grave for a stranger on the internet?

I’m not sure how far in advance I usually know anything about where I’m going, but that might be interesting for all of us.

Most of the trips are just recreational–something to do, and somewhere to go–so if you have thoughts, don’t be afraid to at least ask about something you want to see.

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