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I signed up for the Post A-to-Z Road Trip more or less the same way I signed up for A-to-Z, this year. At the last moment, and as a whim, because I didn’t know the thing existed until it was almost too late.

I did pretty well with a-to-z. I got a lot of views, and met a lot of people I might not have without it. And it got me into the habit of blogging reasonably regularly. I stayed in that habit, and with everything that’s happened between A-to-Z and now, I happen to be particularly proud of that.

The Road Trip is a lot smaller than A-to-Z. Looks like about a hundred blogs, instead of over a thousand. I’m hoping that means the most active ones. I know I saw a few old friends on the list. **waves**

I haven’t completely decided what to do with the Road Trip. Of course, not. I only got there a few minutes ago! And I want to get this post out, so if anybody misses it, it’s not my fault.

Any ideas about how you’re going to make this work?


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    Finding your blog for the first time on the Summer road trip. It is definitely an easier “trip” than trying to make it through the April list. I am just finishing up a series of June Posts on summertime while growing up and how to recapture some of those moment this summer. Hope you have time to spend a few minutes and read some of them to gauge what the blog can be about. Perhaps it will be of interest. Cheering you on while you decide what your summer posts shall be.

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      Thanks for stopping by! I’ll drop by your blog tomorrow, since I’m getting pretty close to bedtime today. Sounds like you have a really good idea for your posts. Good memories, there.

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    I haven’t done the summer road trip before. Actually, I don’t even know if A to Z has had it before. With only about a hundred or so blogs, I was thinking of visiting 5-6 a day and just work my way down the list.

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      That thought occurred to me, too. But we still have to do something to keep the people entertained!

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