Sinking Into a Nice, Warm Revision

There’s a point in a revision where things suddenly seem to be going much too fast. The point at which you’re almost done… you know what needs to be done… and you… well, honestly, you don’t really want the book to end.

I’m there, I think. I want it to be over, and I don’t and I want to be finished. I’ve been getting in about one scene per day (Yes, that includes the ones that get smooshed into a different scene) and uhm… well, neglecting my blog.

Last year, December was a hell of a month for page views. My best, ever. I’d been in a blog-hop for people on the Nano site, and I wound up with a lot of traffic. This time, I’m working my way through the tail end of a revision, and I’m fairly sure there are closets in Antarctica with more foot traffic.

So, there we are. I may or may not try harder for the rest of the revision.

And I might set up a sane-people posting schedule at some point.

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