Snapped some pictures for you on my way through Iowa City

For those of you who don’t know, Iowa City is one of the fabulous International Cities of the Book. So a very writer-friendly, literature-focused atmosphere. It might be one of my favorite places. This time, I barely brushed the outskirts, but that’s enough to get you… More rest area art.


Someday, I would like a wedding under the giant fountain pen nib.  It doesn’t have to be my wedding. Any wedding will do. The bridesmaids could all dress up as ink blots.

In case you missed it, this typeset mural is the entrance to the Women’s restroom. There’s one with Ms on the Men’s side, but after this, let’s be honest. After this, that’s just a let down.


Floor swirls, again.  It said something I thought I would remember, but I don’t.


More type setting themed art, and penmanship in the background. Stop squinting. It says “Iowa”. On the building and the benches.  The picnic area has shelters that include passages from various books and poems, but no pictures, because that was past where my car was parked.


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