Snow and More Snow.

This weekend, being of sound mind–no, really—and possessed of a couple extra days to recover, I took my new tent and sleeping bag out to play in the snow.

It was a windy night. It got down to about thirty degrees. And there was snow. Not a lot, but enough that my tent left a bare spot when I pulled it back up.

The setup did better than I expected. It didn’t leak, and I didn’t freeze. I’ll probably put up a formal review after I get the chance to try it again.


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    Now that is interesting, camping in the snow. I have not heard of that before. Glad you did not freeze.

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      Winter camping isn’t something I’ve done before, but I’m starting to toy with the idea of hiking the Appalachian trail. (Now, there’s a jump from my current ability level. 😀 ) The temperatures at the beginning and end would be pretty similar to what I’m getting at home, right now.

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