Snow, Synopses, and Reading

It’s snowing, again.

That’s the kind of weather where my characters have a tendency to curl up under their blankets and hibernate… at great length… across multiple pages… and remind me that I am in no way cut out to be an erotica writer.

Gang snuggle? Really?

I managed to make my way through the rest of The Yiddish Policemen’s Union. I might try that again, sometime with an actual book-type-book. The narrator’s voice was still amazing. Still… very relaxing.

I’m starting in on the Golem and the Jinni, now.

No, that’s not on the list of Nebula/Hugo award winners.

It was on sale, and I wanted it. So I bought it.

(There is an excellent possibility that I will still be working my way through the list in large-print in the nursing home, and asking the staff to smuggle in my next distraction.)

Synopsis writing has commenced. I may hate synopses almost as much as I hate queries. But my writing software has a fairly good start on that for me, and I’ve printed out a whole summary of events. So, now, to cherry pick the interesting ones.


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