So, Here It’s Sunday, Again…

The internet is dead. The RSS feeds on my reader didn’t even hit half a dozen new articles for me. My WordPress reader is just as empty. And Twitter… well, Twitter’s barely a trickle of excitement. A handful of people, and a whole lot of bots.

During the A-to-Z Challenge, the rules were to blog every day except for Sunday.

And that’s the habit I’ve gotten into. Everybody needs a day off, right?

Or, at least, a day off from writing the blog.

I keep going back and forth on that idea. I mean, of all the days in the week to declare your day off, why Sunday? There’s not a whole lot going on. Not too many places I could be doing anything exciting. And a lot of us–particularly writers with shitty day jobs–don’t get Sundays off, anyway, so it’s not like skipping a day writing is an actual day off.

The other idea that I keep toying with–and I’m not sure whether it’s a good idea or not–is that if you have a day when no one else is writing, your ideas and writing have a much bigger share of the eyes.

Of course, it’s Sunday… so there may be a lot fewer eyes.


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    As a fellow writer in the day job trenches, I actually have more time to browse on Sundays than on any other day.
    Although, I could probably put that time to good use and do some writing. 🙂

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      I have unpredictability in my day job. It’s more like a *which* day? job. But when I do have time, it seems like there’s less content to read.
      Not that that’s really a problem, exactly. **goes back to reading about nuclear weapons.**

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